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People think we’re nuts, and there may be a thin layer of truth to that allegation. We are the kind of people that will cry over spilt milk, we will pass out when we get home at the end of the day, and do it all over again the next, and we will continue to dream up new ideas as we slowly drift into sleep. We are the cream that rises to the top. From generation to generation, from continent to continent. We only know how to do things well. Call us crazy if you will. It doesn’t diminish us, or what we do. When you do something right, you don’t need seek praise and accolades.

This is our story. This is our passion. Experience the passion.


Summer 2015
Grand Prix Champions Making History!
Bella Casara Ricotta made history at the 8th edition of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix as the first fresh cheese and the first Ontario cheese to be given the title of Grand Champion. The creamy texture and milky aroma create a ricotta that is refined, delicate and extremely well-balanced.
Summer 2015
Summer 2014
Retail Innovation
Our very own Albert Borgo winning the Grand Championship at the Retail Council of Canada RCC awards.
Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Life's Good When You're Making Cheese
Albert shows off three medals that his Bella Casara Mascarpone won for best Ontario Cheese, Best Fresh Cheese and Best Cow's Milk Cheese. -Toronto Star
Summer 2014
Summer 2013
2013 Canadian Grand Cheese Grand prix Winner
Our President and founder Almerigo Borgo proudly Sharing the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix win with cheese maker Marcelo Lozano.
Summer 2013
August 2009
Jennifer Valentine from Breakfast Television gives a visit to our factory.
August 2009
We're Open for Business!
Woodbridge, Ontario.

Albert Borgo

Like his brothers, Albert was involved in the Quality Cheese business from an early age. When he was eight, Albert would spend his Saturdays grading cheese and working in the storefront. What he didn’t realize at the time was that this experience would prime him to excel at his role in his adult life. The middle Borgo boy has always been charismatic and attentive. Albert naturally took to the sales and marketing side of the business. Now Albert uses his charm and dedication to excel to ensure that even the most discerning customers leave satisfied. Albert makes sure that Quality Cheese products are always adding value to the marketplace and the industry.


Favourite Cheese that we make: Brie
Favourite Cheese that we don’t make: 18 month old Montasio
Least Favourite Cheese: not a fan of goat
Which of the brother’s has the best style: Bill
Which of the brother’s is the funniest: Bill
Which of the brother’s is most serious: Joe

Joseph Borgo

Joe has been working with Quality cheese since he was four years old. Back then he helped bag the cheese that customers purchased. Driven at an early age, Joe turned his job into a game wherein he tried to see how fast and how neat he could organize the purchases. The youngest of the three Borgo brothers studied Life Sciences and has used his training to develop quality control measures for the Quality Cheese manufacturing process. He helped lead the charge for the company to obtain HACCP certification and he oversees the quality assurance program he implemented at the company. Joe ensures that the company keeps up to date with new industry rules and regulations and his department ensures that all product meets measurable criteria before it’s sold.


avourite Cheese that QC makes: Buffalo Mozzarella
Favourite Cheese that QC doesn’t make: Smoked cheddar
Which of the brothers has the best style: Albert
Which of the brothers is the funniest: Bill
Which of the brothers is most serious: Me – so sad

William Borgo

Some of William’s earliest memories relate to the family business Bill remembers going from farm to farm with his father, picking up cans of milk for production. In his youth, he recalls being woken up early Saturday mornings to take out the cheese from the salt brine. The eldest of the three brothers, Bill worked his way to Europe in his early twenties to master the craft of cheesemaking. It was there that he was inspired to create many cheeses in our product line like Borgonzola (a play on words between Gorgonzola and the Borgo family), Smoked Mozzarella, Smoked Provolone, Brie and Camembert.


Favourite Cheese that we make: Borgonzola
Favourite Cheese that we don’t make: Parmigiano Regiano
Least Favourite Cheese: A cheese that I don’t make
Which of the brother’s has the best style: Me
Which of the brother’s is the funniest: I would say its me because I have more personality that these guys… But I can’t say that.
Which of the brother’s is most serious: Albert